Short Stay

Short Stay Rentals

Just Stay apartments of course also offer short stay housing options in Rotterdam. Our company started with two simple studios’s on the West-Kruiskade which we sometimes rented out on Airbnb. From this, Just Stay Apartments quickly evolved into a management company for Airbnbs for local homeowners. With this, we also started to rent out apartment for longer periods than just a few days. Since the vacation rental regulation has become more strict and our portfolio expanded, our company has shifted towards renting our portfolio short stay and also long stay.

Currently, not all apartments can be rented short stay. By definition ‘short stay’ is a stay longer than seven nights (one week) but shorter than 6 months. In this scenario, an additional 9% VAT/BTW needs to be charged to the client and needs to be paid to the Dutch tax authorities.  When you rent an apartment longer than 6 months, these taxes do not have to be paid. In some municipalities a city tax is also owed for short stay residence. In the municipality of Rotterdam a tax of 6,5% of the cold rental price.

Are you looking for short stay accommodation in Rotterdam? Please do not hesitate to contact our company without any obligation. We offer a wide range of short stay housing and apartments in Rotterdam. We are sure that we can find you or your client the perfect short stay residence in our beautiful city.