• Are there any extra costs other than the rent price?
    • If you are registered at the local municipality you will have to pay water and trash disposal taxes. These are personal taxes, so you will have to pay them yourself. They are usually around € 500 per household per year combined. For more information regarding this visit the municipality’s website.
    • If you reside less than a year in Rotterdam, you still will be charged for a whole taxable year. It is possible to request a refund from the municipality for the months that you have not resided in Rotterdam.
  • Is it possible to end my contract prematurely?

    If you let us know 3-1 month before you intend to move out that is possible.

    The contract can not be ended prematurely from our side unless there is a breach of contract.

  • Is it possible to extend to extend my rental contract?

    Extension of a temporary contract is not possible. You are welcome to extend your stay in any of our other apartments.

  • What documentation do I need to hand in to rent an apartment?

    We always require your identification documents. If you are an expat, then a statement of employment and your last three salary slip will be required. As a non-working student, we require a guarantor form.

  • Are Just Stay Apartments listings suitable for families?

    Most of our apartments are created to be suitable for for expats or students. However, we also often offer apartments suitable for families. Please do not refrain from contacting us. 

  • Can I house a pet in my rental?

    In general, we do not accept this.

  • How do I check in to my rental?

    For most apartments, one of our agents will check you in personally. For other apartments, you can check yourself in using smart locks and locker boxes.

  • How does check out work?

    We do not require aa check out meeting, just leave the place as tidy as possible. Do the dishes, collect the litter and take out the trash etc. Please check out before 11:00 AM. The cleaner will arrive around 11:00 AM. They will inspect the apartment and let us know of any broken or notable things. Leave both keys on the dinner table. Take all your luggage down stairs and close the apartment door and especially the downstairs door behind you.

  • Who should I contact in case of a problem, defect, damage or inquiry regarding my rental?

    For general inquiries please send us an email to or message us under +31 (0) 103076368.

  • Is registration at the local municipality possible for my rental?

    Yes this is possible. 

  • Can I bring my own furniture?

    All our apartments are furnished with all the necessary basic furniture and equipment. You can add your own personal touch with pictures, decoration and plants, but it is not allowed to remove any of the main pieces of furniture and equipment.

  • How does the tenant selection process of Just Stay Apartments work?

    Prospective tenants are required to submit an application through the application form found on the apartment advertisement. They can specifically respond to the advertisement that interests them. If the apartment is still available, Just Stay Apartments will respond to the tenant with a request for information and documentation to conduct a thorough screening. Just Stay Apartments is not responsible for the selection of tenants made by the landlord or owner. Just Stay Apartments solely provides advice to landlords or owners during this selection process. Just Stay Apartments advises the owner purely based on one purely one criterion, which is the financial security of the prospective tenant. Just Stay Apartments endeavors to ensure that the landlord or owner uses this criterion as the sole basis for selecting a tenant. Once the owner has chosen a tenant, the selected tenant will be notified, and the lease agreement will be drafted and sent to the tenant. Candidates who were not selected will also be notified accordingly after all parties have signed the lease agreement.

    Just Stay Apartments emphasizes its commitment to abstaining from any form of discrimination and intimidation and has established and shared a clear protocol internally to address such issues.

  • How does Just Stay Apartments prevent harassment and discrimination among tenants?

    Just Stay Apartments refrains from any form of harassment and discrimination towards its clients, contacts, tenants, and owners. Just Stay Apartments has established a clear protocol to address such issues.

  • Other relevant documents

    Here you can find the remaining relevant documents that are relevant for residential rental in the Netherlands:

    General terms and conditions

    Law good landordship

  • What is our mission?
      • Our mission is to rent out clean and modern furnished apartments to expats and international students. We offer complete care of your property or a personalized service based on your needs.
      • We operate in the Rotterdam area offering temporary accommodation to international students and expats.
      • We try to optimize every apartment as much as possible. Our goal is to have no more than 5 hours of vacant time between tenants. Exactly the time our cleaning and maintenance crew needs to prepare the apartment for the next tenant.
      • We rely on this team of people to help us make every stay go smoothly and every tenant feel comfortable.  Our goal is to achieve 100% occupation and tenant satisfaction.
  • How much do we charge for our services?
    • Usually, we work work on a commission based model. The commission fee is determined by the profile of the client, and character of the real estate portfolio. We usually charge between 8% and 15% of the rent price, ex. 21% VAT. We work on a no cure no pay basis. Meaning, that if we don’t generate any rental income, we don’t receive any earnings. 
    • Just Stay Apartments can also rent your property directly from you. We then take care of all management, and we guarantee you with a steady and market-orientated rental stream. 
  • How do we prepare and market your apartment?
      • All unfurnished apartments get a makeover from us. We try to offer a consistent quality, comfort and look across all our apartments. All our tenants will be provided with all the essential furniture and household items.
      • In order to make people love your apartment, a clear visual tour is the easiest way to share all of its benefits. From cell phone images to laser scanned 3D models of your apartment we can offer anything. Each place gets photographed by the same professional photographer for an artistic and clean look.
  • How do we find your perfect tenant?
      • Each platform we offer our listings on brings in different clientele and there is always the right candidate for every apartment. We usually find a tenant within 7 days but should your place be more difficult to rent out than expected some social media advertisement will definitely get us the right person within days.
      • International students and expats are screened based on their individual situation, but at all times we ask for a statement of employment or a guarantor in the case of students.
  • Why does our company strictly rent out to expats and international students?

    Due to a combination of factors, the influx of internationals to Rotterdam is soaring. These people are in need of quality fully equipped and serviced accommodation which is scarce in the Rotterdam housing market.