Leer de stad kennen Expat Information Rotterdam

We have compiled an elaborate list of the most popular places to visit in Rotterdam during your stay in our wonderful city. Our short stay rentals are very near to the most tourist attractions and must sees in Rotterdam. Should you want an apartment close to one of the attractions below, please send us a message and we will recommend you one of our most suitable rentals.

Cultural Heritage

  • Kinderdijk: Typical dutch rural scenery. A long dyke with many windmills. To get there buy a boat ticket at the ticket office below the erasmusbridge at Spido B.V.
  • Oude Haven: old pitoresque harbour, with many bars and terraces, view on the oldest skyscrapper of Europe.
  • Delfshaven: traditonal Dutch harbour, with typical Dutch canal. Just Stay rents out two very modern vacation rentals close to Delfhaven: 2e Schansstraat Apartment 2and 2e Schansstraat Apartment 3.
  • Katendrecht: Upcoming working class neigborhood with a soho vibe.
  • Rotterdam Zoo: undisputedly the best zoo in the Netherlands. Very big and beautiful architecture. Are you looking for a vacation rental close to the Rotterdam Zoo? Then book one of our short stay rentals on the West Kruiskade.

Modern architecture

  • Kop van Zuid: area with sky scrappers such as de Rotterdam, Erasmus bridge, Hotel New York and the Montevideo
  • Markthal: Impressive building with a food market inside.
  • Euromast: Tower overlooking the city.
  • Hofbogen: Hip street with restaurants and bars.
  • Koopgoot: Unique below ground level shopping street.


  • Museum Boymans van Beuningen: The largest art museum in Rotterdam. It offers a diverse and large range of modern and traditional art. The building of the museum has a very special architectural style and the museum offers a very interactive experience for all ages. If you are looking for a rental near Boymans van Beuningen museum, book our West Kruiskade Apartments or Walenburgerweg Apartments.
  • Kunsthal: Art museum without a permanent collection, but constantly changing art exhibitions. Should you be looking for an apartment near this museum also rent our West Kruiskade Apartments or Walenburgerweg Apartments.
  • Maritime Museum Rotterdam: This is a major maritime museum of the Netherlands, because Rotterdam is the major port city of the Netherlands. The collection has many vessels you can enter and because of its indoor playing ground its very child friendly
  • Nederlands Fotomuseum: This the national photo museum of the Netherlands. It exhibits a collection of historical, social and cultural images from the 20th and 21st century.
  • Wereldmuseum: This is an ethnographic museum wide a constantly changing exhibition from from all parts of the non-western world.
  • Chabot museum: This museum is dedicated to the Dutch painter and sculptor Hendrik Chabot. our apartments on the West Kruiskade are just a 5 minute walk from this museum.
  • Museum Rotterdam ’40-’45 NU: This museum focuses on the Second World War and the bombardment of the city center of Rotterdam.
  • Tax & Custome Museum: This museum takes its visitors on an experience about the Dutch tax system. It explains why Dutch people pay tax and how the tax system works.
  • Cube House Museum: If you want to see one of the cube houses from the inside, then visit this museum. It’s a furnished cube house, of which gives visitors an impression of what these houses look like from the inside and what’s it’s like to live in one of them. If you are looking for a rental close to the Cube houses, book one of our Admiraliteitskade apartments.
  • Het Nieuwe Instituut: This is an art institute for contemporary architecture and design. It organizes exhibitions and events showcase different design disciplines, such as graphic design, product design, games, fashion, architecture and interior architecture.
  • Witte de With Center for Contemporary Art: Art center for contemporary on the famous Witte de Withstraat. It showcases developments of contemporary worldwide art.
  • Natural History Museum: Rotterdams Natural History museum,
  • Villa Zebra: This a children museum contemporary art for the whole family
  • Sonneveld House: Modern Architectural House from the 1930s. There are free audio tours about the different interiors in each room.
  • Sint Laurenskerk: This huge church is the only medieval remnant of the medieval city of Rotterdam. It’s possible to enter the church.
  • Dutch Pinball Museum: A pinball machine museum with more than 70 pinball machines.


  • Het Park: This is the oldest and most beautiful park in Rotterdam and close to the city center. It’s the oldest park in Rotterdam and some trees are more than a hundred years old.
  • Museumpark: This park is the park connecting the major Rotterdam museums as Boymans van Beuningen, de Kunsthal, Het Nieuwe Instituut and Het Natuurhistorisch Museums. The park is filled with art works, making it practically and outside museum.
  • Vroezenpark: This is the hippest park in Rotterdam, because the police does not interfere here. You are allowed to drink and barbecue in this park, making this park the most attractive for students and teenagers.
  • Kralingse Plas/Karlingse Bos: The largest park of Rotterdam with a large forest surrounding the park and a huge lake in the middle of the park. The perfect place to rescape the crowded city and experience nature.


  • Koopgoot: Koopgoot: Unique below ground level shopping street.
  • Lijnbaan: Post-war shopping street with the usual famous clothing brand chains.
  • West Kruiskade: The most multicultural shopping street of Rotterdam. Here, Rotterdam’s multicultural character is best represented, with many Chinese, Surinamese, Turkish and Moroccan shops and restaurants.


We recommend the following restaurants in Rotterdam. Please check on this map to see where our recommended restaurants are located.

  • Angelo Betti, pizza, Italian, mid-range, walking distance.
  • Gare du Nord, French, located in old train wagon, vegetarian, fantastic!
  • Opporto: Fish, Mediterranean, classy, bit expensive
  • Eetcafe Leuk: Dutch, mid-range also a cafe.
  • FG Foodlabs, International, high end, 1 Michelin star, expensive.
  • Le Nord, French, mid-range, good
  • Lokanta Dunya, Turkish, mid-range
  • La Cazuela, Spanish, mid-range
  • Hotel New York, fish, historic location with beautiful view
  • Look, garlic restaurant, great experience, need to reserve in advance due to popularity
  • Deli Bird, thai, high quality for a decent pricing.
  • Vislokaal KAAP, fish, high quality decent pricing.
  • Taberna Dushi, surinamese, mid-range.
  • Snackbar ‘Warung Mini’, Surinamese, low budget
  • Gamasot, South Korean, mid-range
  • Fenix Food Factory: Pop Up Inside food market with only regional producers of all sorts of food and drinks.
  • Markthal: Large inside food market, housed in a every beatific modern architectural arch. Over the ceiling of the markthal an impressive mural has been painted.
  • Marche010: Alternative inside food market with local food producers and food shops.

Best website for Restaurants and it’s ratings in the Netherlands is www.iens.nl


Bars & Clubs

Here is a selection of our favourite bars and clubs in Rotterdam. Please use this map to find out where they are located.

The ‘Witte de Withstraat’ is the liveliest nightlife street in Rotterdam. Here you find a diverse selection of cool bars in. Bar we definitely recommend hitting up these hotspots:

  • Het Zwarte Schaap: hip minimalistic bar on the corner of the Witte de Withstraat
  • De Schouw: typical Dutch bar: very cosy, older public.
  • Ballroom: very hip restaurant and Gin & Tonic bar.
  • Nieuw Rotterdams Cafe: large Grand cafe, with dancing area in the basement.
  • De Witte Aap: Most famous renowned bar on the Witte de Withstraat. Always busy/crowded.
  • Wunderbar: Berlin style, very artistic bar.
  • Reijngoud: Slick craft beer bar.

If you are looking for a vacation rental close to Witte De Withstraat, our apartments at the West Kruiskade might be the perfect option. Please check out our West Kruiskade vacation rentals here.

Other nice bars in the city are:

  • Oude Haven: Old harbour with many bars and restaurants
  • Biergarten: outside German beer garden
  • BAR: very hip, pop up style bar
  • Paddy Murphy’s: Irish pub
  • Osheas: Irish pub
  • nhow: hotel bar, with expensive cocktails, but gorgeous view overlooking the river.
  • Noah: Coctail bar.
  • Rotown: alternative bar
  • Boudewijn: Belgian Beer cafe
  • Cafe Stalles: Dutch cafe
  • Bar 3: Dutch bar.
  • Suicide Club, high end cocktail bar with amazing city view
  • Sjatzi, old strip club turned into a hip bar

We recommend the following selection of clubs in Rotterdam:

  • Factory 010: industrial 11th floor venue, unique, a bit far away from the centre but worth it.
  • Maassilo: same building as Factory 010, but then on the ground floor. Industrial and very big venue.
  • Club Vie: slick and posh club on the riverside.
  • TOFFLER: old subway station, techno music.
  • ANNABEL: concert and party venue.
  • WORM: alternative, creative bar.
  • Nieuw Rotterdams Cafe: large grand cafe with a small club in the basement.

Gay friendly nightlife places we recommend are:

  • De Unie: largest gay bar & restaurant in Rotterdam
  • Keerweer: most renowned gay club in Rotterdam. Also very popular among normal bar public coming from Witte de Withstraat.
  • Strano: Intimate small gay club.
  • De regenboog: crowded, intimate disco bar.
  • Ferry: Hip, big and modern gay bar.

If you are looking for a affordable gay friendly rentals to stay in the center of Rotterdam, Just Stay offers several in the city center. You can book one of our gay friendly short stay apartments here.